Our findings are presented in national and international courts and people’s tribunals, discussed in parliaments and political assemblies of various kinds, published in the international press.

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news 2024
Border Forensics is hiring! We are looking for a Head of Operations and a Research Coordinator
position 2023
Against all Apartheid Regimes: From the Occupation of Palestine to Global Borders
news 2023
10.11.2023 | Joint statement and release of a preliminary analysis on the death of Roger ‘Nzoy’ Wilhelm
news 2023
08.05.2023 | Sahara: Niger-EU collaboration to enforce border control puts migrants’ lives at risk
Mission Accomplished? The Deadly Effects Of Border Control In Niger
investigation 2021
Airborne Complicity – Frontex Aerial Surveillance Enables Abuse
position 2022
The human despite all
news 2022
25.10.2022 | Death of Blessing Matthew: Facing impunity in France, we file an application before the European Court of Human Rights
news 2022
01.08.2022 | Dispatch by Human Rights Watch and Border Forensics
investigation 2018
The death of Blessing Matthew – a counter-investigation on violence at the alpine frontier